Friday, September 7, 2012

Umpiring Life

I heard a baseball story once that sums up three ways of looking at life. It goes like this: Three umpires are sharing a drink together when one of them brings up an occupational question: How do you call the balls and the strikes?

With a confident smirk the first umpire replies, "Pitchers throw balls and strikes, and I call them exactly as they throw them!"

The second umpire, grimaces and says, "No way. Pitchers throw ball and strikes, but I call them as I see them."

The third umpire shakes his head as he reproves the other two, "You are both dead wrong. While it is true that pitchers throw balls and strikes, they aren't a ball or a strike until I call them."

When we Live in Truth we recognize it isn't what is thrown at us that matters in life. We can be pitched a ball, but whether we call it a strike or a ball is entirely up to us. We are the umpires of our own lives and we make the calls!

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Wendi said...

Thanks for this good reminder. I hope you're having a nice weekend. :)