Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Who are you?

We all find ourselves answering that question at various times in our lives, 
but as you read it just now how did you answer? 

Some people answer, I am a mom or a dad, I am a teacher, I am a doctor, I am a businessman or woman, I am a graphic designer,  I am a nurse, I am a mechanic, I am a bookworm, I am a secretary, I am a writer, I am an artist, etc. In these instances we respond by explaining our occupation, talent or relationship to others. But is that really who we are or is it something we do--a role we play?

In other cases  we think of ourselves in terms of "I am" by thinking such things as I am an alcoholic, I am gay, I am psychotic, I am unlovable, I am depressed, I am overweight, I am divorced, I am pretty, I am smart, I am talented, I am rich, I am lovable etc. In these instances we explain ourselves according to our circumstances. But is that really who we are or is it something that has happened to us?

When Living in Truth we let go of these circumstantial ideas of who we are and realize that what we really are is a child of God. We just are. This means that despite the things we do or the things that happen to us whether genetic or experiential, the core that is us is god-like. God identified Himself in the Old Testament as "I Am." And perhaps it would help us all to stop thinking of ourselves as some thing and start thinking of ourselves as a be-ing that through various roles and circumstances is developing into much more than a word, words, or even a phrase can communicate.

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Wendi said...

Thanks for this good reminder. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. :)