Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sometimes life closes in on us and we feel as if we were in a cage desperately trying to find a way out. We bang against the cage bars until we are bruised and we shout for help but no one comes to aid us. In those claustrophobic times, life seems so dismal, but the problem is not so much the cage but the fact that getting out of the cage is all we let ourselves think about.

During those times, I’ve found that if I stop fighting the bars that entrap me and step into the center of the cage—as far from the bars as I can—and then do anything except fight against the cage, things change. After all, even though the cage surrounds me, I can still sing! I can dance! I can commune with my Father in Heaven and let His love and light flood through me. I can love others. I can enjoy the sights beyond the cage. I can breathe in the wonderful aromas that waft through the cage. I can. . . well you get the picture. Despite the cage there is so much to still enjoy.

But the most amazing thing about doing this is that when I step back and concentrate on finding ways to “enjoy” the situation in the cage instead of fighting against it, I suddenly notice that someone has been standing there all along holding open the door. All I needed was to turn around and walk through it.

I hope cage doors open for you today!


Wendi said...

That's good advice. Thanks for the perpective. :)

Talena said...

Mom-your brilliant! Love it!

Connie said...

I second your brilliance (if that is even a word) :)

Being still often solves the "caged in" problem!

My Favorite Things said...

Have you thought about publishing these wonderful thoughts in a book? They are short and profound and with the pictures you get a great visual. I think you should consider it! I'd buy it. Heck, I want to steal them! They are like little talks already prepared, little missionary messages I can send via email to my non-member friends. Print them all out, one to a page, bind them and then bring the idea to Deseret Book. I already want to print them all out and start collecting them!