Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Preparing to Navigate the New Life

They are preparing me for what things will be like after surgery. Surprisingly I am learning some tips that might be useful to others of you in my age category! It seems I will experience a short spell (three to six weeks) with little or no short term memory. To cope with this I am to carry around a pad of paper and the moment a thought comes to me I am to write it down.

For example: I realize that I am thirsty and need a drink of water. Before I do anything else, I write on my trusty pad of paper (Think Steve on Blue’s Clues!), “I am going to the sink to get a drink.” Then I stand up and take three steps and find myself wondering where in the world I am going. But alas, I have my trusty pad of paper and so I read, “I am going to the sink to get a drink” and I smile and take four more steps before I’m wondering anew where in the world I am going. But don’t worry about me, because I have my trusty pad of paper so I’m eventually going to make it to the sink and drink.

The more I think about this, it isn’t just good advice for people in my age category! God knew we would suffer pre-mortal memory lose once we were here on earth. He knew we wouldn’t remember where we were going or why we wanted to go back there so he gave us a “trusty pad of paper,” (better known as scriptures) on which he has written all the information we need in order to keep us going in the right direction. We take a few steps, grow weary and wonder where in the world we are going, read our scriptures, and then take a few more steps toward home. In this way we keep progressing until we reach the Fountain of Living Waters and drink deep.

God thought of everything, didn’t He!


Becca said...

Dear Sister Johnson,

Just wanted to let you know that Wanda and I are thinking of you and praying for you. You're amazing and a great example of faith and hope. I loved what you said in Sunday School about hope being what ties you to Jesus Christ. Good luck with your surgery. I know that God is mindful of you.

Love, Becca Dodds

Kara said...

Sister Johnson,

I just wanted to thank you for a WONDERFUL semester. I've never been so uplifted by the scriptures and I know it was all because of your help. You and in my prayers and I know that God is listening. Thanks you so much,

Kara Herlin

Anonymous said...

Dear Sherrie,
I just heard about you uninvited guest, Grizelda, and wanted you to know that Diane and I are praying for you. I think I will be getting a similar pad so I can remember what I am doing. Can't wait to meet with you and Carl again. The hats look good on you, and not having hair is something you get used to, but you sure get cold without a hat. Love you and best wishes on Friday.
Brent Schick

Anissa said...

I LOVE this analogy. It makes we want to go read my scriptures right now.... thanks for the reminder.

Wendi said...

Your "Blue's Clues" reference made me laugh. How impressive to tie it in with the scriptures. I've always loved the symbolism of Living Waters in the scriptures. Thanks for this post. :)

Laresa said...

It really does want to make me go read my scriptures. What a amazing gift I have right in front of me, I need to take adbantage of that wopnderful gift and read the scriptures. You are so amazin' Mama.

Janae said...

Hi Sherrie, This is Brent's sister, Janae Bingham. Anissa just posted on our family blog what you are going through, and I came onto your blog expecting to come away feeling sad, but instead, I have been very uplifted. What a wonderful, optimistic attitude you have. You are a wonderful example, and I learned a lot from my brief visit here today. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts. My heart and prayers are with you. Janae