Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hats On!

I’m beginning to realize some great benefits to my new hairless situation.
(1) I am saving a lot of money on hair care products such as shampoo, mousse, and hair spray.
(2) I am saving a lot of time taking care of my hair. Some days it took forever to make it do what it was supposed to do.
(3) I am saving a lot of money on haircuts and coloring. I can hear the coins jingling in my penny bank!
(4) I am saving a lot of time on haircuts and coloring. It used to take hours a month just for those two things!
(5) I am enjoying the “spice” that my hats and scarves add to life. I can change my head covering in one second and that changes my mood. Wearing a fedora makes me feel so sophisticated!
(6) When I get tired I just pull the hat or scarf over my eyes and it is dark enough to sleep any place!
I was in Malaysia a few years back, presenting a paper to the UN area conference on the family. Most of the women in attendance were Muslim and were veiled. As I got to know a few of them and visit with them, I realized that what I thought was a terrible imposition to always go around veiled, they considered a great blessing. One of them said to me, “You have to spend so much time on your hair. I just get up, choose a scarf, and I’m ready for the day.”
I’ve thought about this a lot since that conference, but only now am I becoming converted. Wearing hats and scarves isn’t that bad. I figured it out and over the next twenty years I could save about $22,000 by using hats and scarves! That’s a nice sum and it doesn’t even take into account the half-hour per day I’d save. Anyone else out there getting converted?


Wendi said...

I actually don't spend much money or time on hair care. And I've never colored my hair. (I figured once I started, I would never be able to quit!) Although, I admire people who can make their hair look so stylish and cute. But because I don't often fix my hair, I'm a big fan of baseball hats--for girls. Your hair was stylish and pretty. But so are these hats of yours. And I'm glad to read that you're seeing the bright side of the situation. :) You are actually extremely good at finding the bright side of ANY situation!

SMJ said...

Wendi, You'll have to try one of my hats!

Addison Chandler said...

Hi Sister Johnson,
It's Addison from SC again. Just wanted to let you know that it's great to hear that things are going well for you. You are so inspiring. If only everyone had your outlook on things, this world would be such a happier place to live! You are absolutely amazing! You can ask Laresa about how incredibly THICK my hair is. I have enough hair for about 3 or 4 people. I never cease to amaze beauticians. Even after about 5 visits, they still marvel at my hair. Some days I wouldn't mind in the slightest trading places with you. Just so you know, I can afford to loose about ten inches. You just say the words! :)

Have a great day!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Addison, How very, very kind and courageous of you! If I decide a wig will work better than a hat, I'll let you know. In the meantime, my hair is growing! You are wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a kind friend Addison is! It is no small thing to let someone cut 10 inches of your hair off, no matter how thick it is or how fast it grows. She has the heart of a true angel. I've never thought much about using scarves or hats, except on those days when I glance in a window or mirror as I walk by and realize that I am in desparate need of a large paper bag. Hats are so much more stylish, on bad hair days. Your hair will be back in a few monthes and you will look good as new, but I bet on those "bad hair" days, you will think back on your great hat and pretty scarves. xoxoxo