Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The People In My Life

Another one of the interesting things that happened during this experience with Grizelda taught me about how God places people in our lives. When the word first began to get out that I had a tumor in my head, some people called to tell me of a specialist or doctor who was the very best in the field. I appreciated those suggestions; they told me people cared. But each time someone gave me a name, I’d pray about it and every time received a firm conviction that I should just stay with the care I was receiving. As a matter of fact, I was surprised how strong the answers to those prayers were. I had no doubt that I was to remain with the doctors I had.

It was interesting to me that at this time of need I was in just the right place to receive the help I needed. The people who I needed were right here so that I didn’t need to fly off to Texas or California. This has made me think a lot about all the other people that are in my life.

I firmly believe that the people in our lives—those we just call on occasionally like my doctors, or those we live with every day—are there to help us and to teach us, and not always in just positive ways! The very things that annoy us most about a spouse or a child may be the very things that will teach us overcome some defect in our own character. The very problems our family members have may be the very thing we need to help us build faith and spiritual strength as we help them through the problem.

And of course, there are the positive experiences when someone comes along at just the right time to help us with a problem or to teach us what we need to be happier or more faithful. Nothing happens by coincidence. As I look around and ask why this person is in my life, I usually realize that they are teaching me something important.


Wendi said...

This post reminded me of two sentences in my patriarchal blessing. "There will be friends raised up to help you over (stumbling blocks)." I agree that there are no coincidences. The Lord's hand is in much more than we realize. I'm sure of it. Thanks for being one of those friends. Your blog has helped me to "use these stumbling blocks as stepping stones". :)

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi,Thank you! I'm grateful to be your friend!