Monday, January 5, 2009

Every Day Gets a Little Better!

Our twin haircuts the night before my surgery!

Things are still going well. As a matter of fact, I’m a wee bit glad to be stuck at home today. All that snow out there is fun to watch come down, but not fun to be out in and, even better, two of my daughters brought me lunch and visited awhile. I am getting up and around a lot more. I get tired easy, but all the other things they warned me about such as lethargy and memory loss have been much less than was anticipated. I am a very, very blessed woman or as the doctor keeps reminding me-a miracle woman.

There are some things I wasn’t warned about, however. One is that the hair around my scar is falling out in patches. I may need a new comb-over hair style when this is all over! But the doctor told me to use Rogaine for Women—another one of those things I never thought I’d be doing. I just hope it works! Somehow remaining bald isn’t appealing.

School started today and at the time I should have been entering the classroom and getting to know my students for this semester, I was watching snow fall. That part of the day left an ache in me, but the Lord is still watching over me, has blessed me immensely, and so I’m hanging on until further instructions! He’s in charge and that always ends up wonderful—after the trial of your faith! (See Ether 12:6.)

Thanks again for all your love, concern, and prayers. I can still feel them filling me like helium and making this ordeal much more bearable.


Wendi said...

I agree about watching the snow falling. It's beautiful from inside. But NOT fun to be out in. I'm glad you were able to stay home on a day like today. :)
I hope you will continue to heal and find joy in your days--even if they're very different than you're used to.

Jessica said...

The Spirit is always there when we're troubled or going through difficult times. He always has His hand outstretched for us to hold onto. The iron rod keeps us focused on the fruit of God's love. Whenever we repent, we walk closer to Christ and close the gap we created from sin. I'm so grateful for Christ's atoning sacrifice for us. It is beautiful and endless, full of mercy and compassion. I love that we can simply trust and rely on Father's arm to keep us steady through rugged pathways. A stumbling block can become a stepping stone to better things. I'm so happy that Father has kept you in His arms through this trial. There must be some pretty awesome things coming your way. :) I love you, Sister Johnson.
~Jessica Watson

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi, Thank you again for your love and encouragement! You are wonderful!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Jessica, Isn't it amazing how he can make stumbling blocks into stepping stones. It never ceases to amaze me! Good luck this semester.

Wendi said...

How thoughtful of you to post such kind comments after the people who have left comments for you! :)

I just wanted to testify that I strongly believe in the "stepping stones from stumbling blocks" concept as well. My patriarchal blessing promises me that He will do that in my life and I've seen it happen.

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi, Thanks for the addition. I agree and being a visual person I like the visual image it gives me. Just use those stones for stepping up instead of tripping over them!