Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Faith Without Fretting

When my five-year-old grandson, Nick, watches a movie with a love scene, he closes his eyes and covers them with his hands whenever the lovers kiss. Last week my daughter asked him why he does that and he replied, “Because it's scary!”

“Scary?” Patrea exclaimed. “Why is it scary?”

“Because when a boy kisses a girl, her daddy is going to come after him.”

I have no idea how he picked up that little bit of information, and neither does Patrea. But it made me think about how many pieces of information we carry around in mortality that scare us, or worry us, or make us fret needlessly.

There used to be some things that bothered me about doctrines of the gospel. I couldn’t see how the fairness or justice in some things could possibly work out. But as my faith in a true and living God grew, I realized that I could leave all of that worry to Him because there obviously were some things about which I, like Nick, had wrong information. With other things I didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle yet. Still with other things I couldn’t understand them in this mortal world even if God explained them to me in words. I just don’t have the mental ability to comprehend it yet.

With that discovery, I let go of the fret and worry. I still don’t understand it all. But I know that someday I will, and that when I do I will also recognize why that’s the way it had to be.


Anonymous said...

Sherrie, that is such an important principle you talk about and often hard to remember. My grandmother had a terrible form of arthritis and when I was a little girl I would often ask her why and she would always tell me that why it was so didn't matter. All that mattered was to always be sure you're worthy of your trials, as well as your blessings. She died when I was 12, but that has always been on my mind because I didn't quite understand it. Of course, the way the world works out, I have inherited the same form of arthritis she had, and I have found myself so many times thinking about what she said. I do realize now that it is not important what our trials are, it is only important to do everything we can to be as worthy as we can for anything that Heavenly Father sends our way. We may someday understand everything and realize they were all blessings. I try very hard to spend as little time as I can worrying about my problems and as much as I can being grateful, and making sure I do all I can to be worthy of the wonderful life I have. I agree with you, I hope I will be able to see that things are they way they're supposed to be,and that all is well. Sorry for the ramble :)

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Cathy, Your grandmother was a remarkable woman--something else you inherited from her!

Wendi said...

My son reacts the same way when people kiss in a movie. He thinks it's "gross". I'm kind of thankful he thinks that right now because then I don't have to worry about girlfriends yet. ;) And Cathie, you weren't rambling. I really enjoy your comments. :) So glad to hear you're feeling better and stronger each day, Sherrie. My cold is hanging on, but is improving each day as well. :)

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi, I hope you soon get rid of the cold and are able to move on!