Sunday, May 3, 2009


Today the sun appears, begins to warm everything up, then disappears again. It made me think about the words of a song, “There is hope smiling brightly before me.” The reason it reminded me of those words is because the sun today acts a lot like hope. Hope, like the sun, is shining even if clouds temporarily hide it.

It’s like taking off in an airplane on a cold, cloudy, winter’s day. For a few minutes you fly under the dreariness of the clouds looking down at a drab, dull world when suddenly things get worse. You enter the clouds and everything becomes all the more depressing. You can’t see anything! There isn’t even a drab, dull world to behold only thick oppressive clouds that hide your way. But suddenly the plane breaks through the clouds and bright, bright sunlight glistens on the wings and shines into the plane, and warms your very soul with delight.

Even though we can’t always see or feel the sun, it is shining. And even though we can’t always feel or see how things are going to turn out, hope is waiting. Hope is always brightly shining somewhere behind the dreariness. We just need to rise through the clouds and find it!


Martha said...

Thanks for sharing the Sunshine in your heart. :)

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Martha, Thank you. Hope is shining because of people like you!

cathy bubert said...

Sherrie, you continue to teach us all. Thank you for your example and for sharing your wisdom and testimony. Our family is praying for you! We love you and your family!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Cathy, Thank you so much! Your prayers are felt and are much appreciated. You are wonderful! I hope all your family is doing well. Tell them all hello for me!