Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home At Last!

I’m home! It was wonderful to be away, but so nice to be back. Things didn’t go as planned our last two days. We had a fantastic dinner on Tuesday and strolled down the Boulevard to go to the Donny and Marie show enjoying the lights and the people. We arrived in plenty of time only to find a long, long line and discover that someone was sick and the show had been cancelled. This is the second time we have tried to see the show and weren’t able to. So we walked back to our hotel and spent the evening watching Elf.

When we were in California D2 surprised us with Christmas stockings filled with goodies. I had also picked oranges from her tree so we made a party out of the rest of our time in Vegas from the treats in our stockings and the oranges. It wasn’t the trip we had planned, but it was relaxing and fun.

Now to get on with the Christmas plans. I’m still enjoying the lights and music more than I ever have. I feel like a child again. I get all giggly inside when I see the lights and the Christmas music literally warms my soul. I love this!!!


Wendi said...

Welcome home. :)

Sara said...

Yes, Welcome back.

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi and Sara, Thank you! And thanks for "speaking" to me. I love comments.