Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thoughts On My Vacation

Surprise! I did get some computer time this morning. It has been an interesting experience to go from a baptism with family to Las Vegas. The feelings are so very different. We stayed at D2's home (that's daughter number two) and D4 also brought her four sons. Eight children under 14 means chaos and noise and sometimes trauma (for the little ones) and lots of work for mothers to keep up with everything but it was all good and wonderful and full of love and goodness. And as strange as it sounds there is a certain peace to the chaos--maybe because of the love that underlies it all. It is so fun to watch my girls mother and deal with these situations in patient ways. They each mother very differently but they are all amazing mothers.

Here in Vegas there is chaos and noise and lots of trauma but there is a very different feeling. It's as if you can smell it in the air! It is tangible and real. I saw a slightly overweight older woman yesterday, probably in her mid seventies who had obviously had face lift surgery and who was wearing a lot of makeup, walking around in tight white leggins and knee boots with high heels. It was almost sad to see how she was clinging to a long-gone youth, seeking happiness in the past.

In short, the contrast between the two parts of my vacation have made me even more thankful for the gospel and the principles of Truth that teach me to find happiness in what is and to be at peace with myself and my God. But most of all the gospel has taught me where to find true joy. I am so grateful for that!


Dani said...

That lady was me! lol... I really enjoyed your classes, and while reading that story found myself thinking about anything that we cling to seeking happiness (other than 'holding fast' to the iron rod) and wondering at what point we have actually let go of all else, hmmm? Sometimes we cling without even realizing and others can help us get perspective!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Dani, Yes! I also find that as I grow and progress in the gospel I realize more things I'm clinging to that I didn't even realize I was clinging to before. Part of the line upon line growth process! thanks for the kind words about the class. I enjoyed teaching it. It was a great group.