Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Joy!

My favorite thing to do at Christmas time is set up my crèches. I have an olive wood crèche I bought many years ago in Jerusalem that brings back memories of the amazing trip we took to the Holy Land. I have a Fisher-Price crèche I set down low so the grandchildren can arrange and rearrange it. I have a white porcelain one and a Mexican one two wonderful friends gave me. I have a tiny one another friend made for me. I love them all, and as I said, they are my favorite part of Christmas.

It brought back some strong memories to get them out this year. Last year I set them up hurriedly in the few days between the CAT scans, MRIs and other testing and the day of the brain surgery. I put most of them downstairs where I didn’t see them much after the surgery, but the Mexican one I set up right next to my bed on a little table where I could see it all the time.

Last year as I set them up I wondered if it would be the last time I ever set them up or not. I remember contemplating the reality that I may not be around this year and that if I were around I may not be able to see the manger scenes very well. I remember putting the baby Jesus in the olive wood manger and thinking about the possibility that before long I could be standing in front of Him and looking into His eyes and feeling His love in a very real way. I wondered what He would say to me, and if I were ready. It made Christmas last year very new and different experience.

This year as I put the baby Jesus in the olive wood manger, all the memories and feelings from last year coursed through me but in addition I was filled with the gratitude that because of this little baby miracles had occurred. I could see. I was alive. And all because Jesus Christ was born, lived, and died for me.

I wish I had the words to express all I am feeling this year as I look at the Mexican crèche that I placed where I can see it while I work. I’m looking at it now and feeling all the feelings again and also feeling very frustrated that there are no adequate words. I keep trying to express what is in my heart and keep falling far short. All I can say is that Jesus Christ lives and loves us. What a blessing that is in our lives.


Wendi said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'm so thankful that you can see and that you're still here with us too! That really would be sobering to think that a Christmas could be your last. And I guess that's a real possibility for any of us. What a blessing to know that the Savior has made miracles possible on both sides of the veil. :)

Amy said...

Thank you. I'm so glad you're with us this year. Merry Christmas!

The Texans said...

Wow Sherrie, thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas and may you have blessed holidays always!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post.
I love nativity scenes, too. I am running out of places to put them! I have two favorites - one done by Willow Tree, and one made out of corn husks that my husband got for me in Kenya last year while he was on a medical mission.
They are my favorite part of Christmas!