Friday, December 4, 2009

Mother Nature is Ready for Christmas

It is cold outside. My walk this morning was brisk and nippy. I loved it. But there was more this morning than just the cold to make it wonderful. I always stop on the bridge that crosses the Provo River and do a little meditation to start my day right. I begin by looking downstream and imagining the river running right through me to wash away all the Illusion, negative feelings, and problems within me. Then I turn upstream and imagine the Fountain of Living Waters filling me with all that is good. I learn something new and different every morning and love those few moments and how they start my day.

This morning, as we were about to leave the bridge, one of the friends I walk with pointed out how the tree boughs that bend to almost touch the water had balls of ice on them. It as if Mother Nature had decorated for Christmas. Real ice spheres hanging from the tree branches! It was beautiful—magical—and I am still delighting in the memory of it.


G n C Larsen said...

I love that you seize every possible moment to see the beauty, meditate even when among friends, and can express yourself so beautifully. You are a great example to me! Christy

P.S. I bought one of your books "Gospel Insights for Everyday Living". I read one section each night.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thought and I love the image of the ice on all the branches. Winter is my favorite season, although now I enjoy it more to look at from inside than play in outside. :-)

Wendi said...

I love the symbolism of Living Water. And I appreciate you sharing how you meditate by the water. That IS magical about the tree with the ice spheres. :)

Cathy said...

This is just one of the many winter wonders that I miss! I love your exercise of the river and I love how you share these experiences and thoughts, it is good to see how life is so symbolic and reminds me to look a little deeper into every day experiences. Thanks