Saturday, December 12, 2009

Power to Imagine

Yesterday I spent the day driving to California and didn’t have Internet access. I love long car rides and watching the world pass by. I know a lot of people think the drive between Utah and California is nature at its most forlorn, but even in the desert I find an amazing peace and beauty. God has created a fascinating world and I love seeing the different formations, creations, and beauty of it.

Now back to Alma 5. The next power of the mind that Alma talks about is the power to imagine. He asks us to imagine ourselves standing before God. What will we say to God? What will we do? Do we think that at that point we can fool God? No way!
Imagination is powerful. We can use this power to project ourselves into the future and decide how we will deal with specific problems or situations. We can use it to imagine the consequences that will come from decisions we are about to make. We can imagine ourselves in the celestial kingdom and feel how wonderful that will be and then use those “sights” and feelings to motivate ourselves to do what is right so that we will be in the celestial kingdom.

Using the imagination to help us live righteously can help us immensely on our journey back into the presence of God.


Wendi said...

I had never thought of this one before. My son has a great imagination. I'll have to tell him about this post. :)

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi, Imagination is a powerful tool. Most of us use it to imagine all the bad that is going to happen, but we fail to realize we can use it to project ourselves into the good! So good to hear from you!