Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pondering Christmas

I put my Christmas tree up while some of the grandchildren were here to help me. I’m not big into decorating, but one of the things I love about having a Christmas tree is it gives me a special place to sit and contemplate the real meaning of Christmas. Our tree isn’t beautiful—it’s more a conglomeration of memories and children’s art work. We usually buy a new Christmas ornament during the year to remind us of something special that happened during that year. We’ve been married for 42 years so that means a lot of ornaments and memories!

I turn off the room lights, turn on the tree lights, and cuddle into my favorite comforter on the couch and savor all the memories that are filled with love and hope and faith. But besides memories, many of those ornaments are nativity scenes or other things directly related to the Savior and His birth. The pondering session always eventually takes me to the manger in the stable and the glorious event that occurred there.

There is so much to do, especially for mothers, at Christmas time. But don’t forget to stop and enjoy and remember what it is all about. All that is good comes from Jesus Christ. Without that birth in that stable, you and I would not have any beautiful, wonderful memories to contemplate.

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Wendi said...

I'm not much into decorating either. But I do enjoy relaxing by the Christmas tree in the dark and watching the sparkling lights as well. I also love our olive wood ornaments from the Holy Land that my parents brought back to us years ago. I'm so thankful that Jesus was born and for the perfect and exemplary life He led. I am able to survive each day because of His Atonement. We still haven't decorated yet this season (we probably will this weekend) and are planning to keep things extra simple this month at our house. :)