Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Bad and the Good

I just returned home from the funeral of our niece's husband. While preparing to take his son on a scout outing he was accidentally shot. It is a tragic death and yet the funeral was full of peace, love and joy mostly because of the good life that he has led. All speakers expressed their appreciation for the example he was in serving others--always willing to help out in what ever way he could. He is leaving behind a beautiful legacy for his family.

He will be missed and I have shed tears for his good wife who is left behind to care for three young children. But in times like this I am also so very grateful for the gospel--the Good News--that Jesus Christ has died to save us and to allow us to be eternal families. It is good news in times of tragedy and sorrow. Good News to cling to in times of grieving. The road ahead will be difficult for the young widow, but she is full of faith and knows that God will be with her and so will her husband. She was an amazing example to all of us present.

Today I'm thankful that bad news is always accompanied by The Good News.

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