Sunday, November 14, 2010


Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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SAYDA said...

I came upon your blog and couldn't stop reading it. Boy you had quite a tough time last year. Thank you for sharing your life through your blog.

My husband went through cancer last year, so I can totally relate with what you were going through. He was diagnosed with a myxoid liposarcoma on his right leg in January. (On his 51st birthday) He went through radiation for two months, then he had surgery in April. He dealt with two major infections. One in May and one in June. Crazy school year. He continued teaching. Throughout everything, he was so positive and always had so much faith that all would be well. Even though the surgeon told him there was only a 3% chance that he would have use of his leg, he never, ever thought he would lose the use of his leg. A miracle happened during his surgery and the surgeon was able to safe his leg. The surgeon said it was a miracle! My husband even directed a show on the side while going through all this. Your strength reminds me so much of his.

P.S.: I love your new "do" by the way! :)