Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunshine in My Soul--Wow!

I woke up this morning with a song playing in my head: “There is sunshine in my soul today.  The bad news is that my head just kept playing that one line over and over and over. The good news is that it made me stop and think. That hymn is one I’ve heard all my life—heard so much that I don’t stop to think about the words. It just conveys the idea of being happy. But this morning I stopped to think about what sunshine in my soul really means.

Sun is fire and so sunshine in my soul doesn’t just mean being in a good mood; it means being on fire. Sunshine warms others; it means being so on fire that the warmth is shared with others. But what is that fire? It is the love of Jesus Christ. It radiates and warms and encourages. It fills every cell of my being and emanates from me to warm and encourage others. It glows in me so that my countenance is soft and warm.

But there is more! Sunshine bleaches away color and stains and kills germs to make everything it touches clean and pure. Sunshine is a source of Vitamin D which helps the immune system and builds strong bones. Sunshine is a purifying agent that nourishes and makes me strong. And it is in my soul!

In short, I think today can't help but be a very good day!

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