Monday, November 1, 2010

Perfect Moments

There is no such thing as a perfect life. Not only does that mean that there is no such thing as a sinless life (except for Jesus Christ’s life) but it also means there is no such thing as a life in which every moment is perfect. It just doesn’t happen. Even Christ’s life was not perfect in that sense. He had moments of pain, sorrow, and grief and endured all kinds of other negative, unwanted experiences. 

The lesson in this is that expecting everything to be perfect or to turn out just right is ludicrous. It just isn’t going to happen. But that isn’t as hopeless as it sounds because even though there aren’t perfect lives there are perfect moments. As a matter of fact, even the rottenest day will have perfect moments in it. Therefore, we can watch for the perfect moments. Just waiting for them with the fervent expectation they will come tends to make the other moments better. And once they come, recognizing and savoring them fills our souls with a delight that spills over into the rest of the day. But that isn’t all, remembering them later when times are tough also strengthens and helps us through those bad moments.

So, today, watch for the perfect moment (or moments!) that will come. Take time to savor those moments when they do come and give thanks for them. And then store up the perfect moments in the scrapbook of your heart and look at the book often.

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Wendi said...

I love moments like that, since they make the rest of the day bearable! Thanks for the reminder to watch for them and remember them more often. :)