Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shout for Joy!

Rejoice! What a wonderful word. Say it out loud right now loudly and notice what happens. “Rejoice! Rejoice!” 

Did you hear it? Did you feel it? The word itself causes joy. It almost makes me want to dance! The dictionary says that rejoice means “to feel joy or great delight.” But look at the word. It is actually made up of a prefix and a root. The prefix re- means “again.” The root joice comes from the Anglo-French word joir which means “to enjoy.” So the word rejoice literally means “to enjoy again.” (Notice the again part!)

Joy comes to us, but rejoicing is the great ability we have to feel the joy again by sharing it with others, by remembering it often, by expressing gratitude for the joy.

The word is a great reminder that while something may give us a moment of joy, we can bring back the joy any time we want by re-joicing. 

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