Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Little Rejoicing!

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It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood! How about yours?

I am so blessed. On the days I don't teach I walk with two wonderful friends along the Provo River. As we walk and talk I learn so much from them. And the scenery along the way is exquisite. Last week we saw lots of ducks floating, dunking, playing in the water, and watched as a crane took flight, its wings stretching out majestically as it gracefully lifted and disappeared into the trees.

Appreciating the things around me is one of the great blessings of Living in Truth. I know that in the past worry, vexation, and fear kept me from noticing so many beautiful things in my life. But when I live in the present, live with what is,  my mind is free of the vexation and able to notice and enjoy so many wonders. I don't take things as much for granted, and the noticing and enjoying fills me with encouragement and joy that enriches other aspects of my life.

So today I'm rejoicing and enjoying life. It is a beautiful day, but then every day is beautiful if you know how to find the beautiful!

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Wendi said...

I went on two walks yesterday in the 50 degree weather. I loved seeing the clear blue sky against the white snow on Mt. Timpanogos. :)