Friday, March 8, 2013

Living in Truth Challenge

I've been pondering on how to make this blog more useful and I've decided that every Friday I will suggest a Living in Truth Challenge for all of us to work on during the week.

Too often in our quest to better ourselves and make life more enjoyable we take on too much and get overwhelmed and discouraged. But when we break the process of growth down into steps and take it one step at a time, growth and change become much more doable and especially much more enjoyable.

With that said, let me be your personal Living in Truth Life Coach. I know what peace and joy Living in Truth has given me and the wonderful changes it has made in my life and I want to share that with you. So let's get started with week one!

 LIT Step #1:
Live in the Present Moment

This week watch your thoughts and when they start to drift into worry or fear or discouragement or anything vexing don't try to fight them. Simply Anchor (click here)  yourself back to the present moment.
The present moment always holds an abundant source of joy, peace, hope, love, and gratitude that is just waiting to be yours. So go for it!

Feel free to look back over past posts on being in the present or the Truth Tool Anchoring (click here) if you think it will help. And share your comments about your experience. By sharing we encourage and help each other find a more abundant life.

When you Live in Truth you live in Happiness.


Camille said...

I'm excited to do this. I'm going to post the challenge on a post it note and place it around my house! Thanks

Wendi said...

I have a testimony of breaking large life changes down into smaller, more doable changes. My life has been transformed by that process over the past 15 months. :)

DeRae said...

This is a great Truth Tool. I have had extreme back pain from back surgery and last year I suffered a 5 month bout with anxiety. I have found that when I start to feel pain or anxiety coming on, I live in the present moment, and then I start to feel better.