Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Challenge - Is It True?

How did you do with the "Fix it or Live With It?" challenge from last week?
We'll deal with the Live With It part of that soon,
 but the challenge today is to Question.

LIT Challenge #3

Questioning is a simple thing to do, 
but it can make all the difference in your day.
When vexing thoughts begin to stir in you, simply stop and ask the question, 
"It that true?"
And remember, "Truth is verity." 
Truth is what is.

For example, your husband is late coming home from work and you begin to think that he must have been in an automobile accident. After all, he's always home by now. 
You begin to fret, but stop and ask, 
"Is that true?" No! He is simply late. That is what is.
You laugh at yourself and go on with your day.

This works with so many things in our lives not just worrying. 
Another example:
You put on a dress and look in the mirror and think, "This makes me look so fat!"
"Is that true?" Usually it isn't. 
We are just in a picky mood and no matter what we put on we'd think we were fat. 
So drop the thought and go out not thinking about yourself, but others.

One more example:
Your child wants you to help her do something, 
but you are very tired and put her off. 
She begins to cry and you think, "I'm such a terrible mother."
"Is that true?" No! 
You are not a terrible mother you are a tired mother. That is what is. 
There is a big difference between tired and terrible.
All of us get tired and don't function at full capacity from time to time. 

Questioning works really well with any of the stories we tell ourselves.
 "She doesn't like me any more." 
"Mother favors my sister over me." 
"I'm a hopeless failure." 
"I can't speak in public." 
So this week analyze your thoughts and answer honestly, 
"Is that true?" 
 and let me know what happens.

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6L's said...

i did great with it this week, thank you! all 3 situations i told you last week, i feel so much better about by using this technique and your other truth tools. practicing all these things is really helping me. :) have a great weekend!