Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Long ago I realized that one of the best places for me to receive inspiration is in the shower. It wasn’t until recently that I realized why. I love the shower and when I am in there I am very much in the present moment (see yesterday’s post). When I’m in the shower I’m Anchored to the sound of the water spraying from the shower head and splashing on the walls and floor. I’m feeling the warmth of the water and the tickle of it on my back. I’m enjoying the wetness and the lavender scent of the shampoo and the clean, fresh smell of the soap. In short, all of my senses are firmly Anchoring me to the present moment and in the present moment is where the Spirit works.
Besides Anchoring, one of the most effective ways I found to stay in the present is to be constantly looking for the blessings of that moment. Even when I was in the throes of the battle with Grizelda, there was always something wonderful in any given moment for me to concentrate on. I love games, so I’ve made this effort into a game—the “BUT THANKS” Game. While being rolled into brain surgery, I could have been thinking about the fact that I had a 50% chance of coming out of surgery blind and a 90% chance of having vision impairment. Instead of worry about what might be, I stayed in the present moment by thinking of what was right there by playing the “But Thanks” Game. In stead of thinking about my fear, I thought “I might lose my sight in surgery BUT THANKS for some very trained surgeons in here to take care of me.” In other words, you trump your fears with a BUT THANKS. 

This works for many situations. “I have to speak in Church, BUT THANKS for the Spirit that will help me.” “I have a job interview, BUT THANKS for teachers that have prepared me well.” “I just spilled milk all over the floor, BUT THANKS for a sense of humor so I can just laugh about it.” “My parents just got divorced, BUT THANKS that they both still love me.” “I have attention deficit disorder, BUT THANKS for the energy I have.”

Trumping our fears with Thanks helps us stay our of the Pit and firmly planted in the present moment.


SuSu said...

Are you kidding? The shower is my number one source for inspiration. Love the "But Thanks" game. It keeps my cup full; always living in thankfulness.

runningfan said...

I have been trying this are brilliant! Thank you.