Friday, February 18, 2011

My New Green, Soul Diet

I’ve been pondering the last few days on the “whys?” of things. It’s something I’ve been cursed with since the day I was born. When I was young, it got me in a lot of trouble. I asked too many “whys” and Primary, Mutual and Sunday School teachers didn’t like it. I was well aware even at the time that the reason I was called to be the Junior Sunday School Organist was to get me out of the sixteen year old Sunday School class because I was “disruptive”.  Someplace along the line I learned not to ask my questions, but I still thought them and I became obsessed with finding answers.

This week my “whys” have gone in the direction of “Why does gratitude bring me so much joy?” I easily can see why forgiving brings me joy, because it literally lifts the negative feelings out of my soul just like a magnet lifts iron filing off a table. Obviously jettisoning bad feelings is going to leave you feeling good and that’s how most of the gospel Truth Tools work. It is amazing.

Now, it’s so simple it’s probably very obvious to all of you, and you are thinking “Dah, Sherrie,” but it hit me this week that gratitude works in the opposite way. Instead of removing bad so that you don’t hurt, gratitude adds good so you feel wonderful. Gratitude is to the soul what eating chocolate is to the body. It tastes good! But the best part is that you can be grateful all you want and not gain any weight. As a matter of fact, you might lose some! (In the form of excess negative baggage you’ve been carrying around!)

So I think I’ll go on a gratitude diet! Gratitude is to the soul what green is to the body!


Camille said...

Once I was in a very foul mood. I was deep in the pit! But the spirit whispered to me to have a gratitude first I was very against it. But then I kneeled down and started listing things I was grateful for, at first it was slow, and then memories and other things started flooding my mind of what I was grateful for. I didn't ask anything in that prayer, I didn't tell Heavenly Father about my day, I just went on for a good 20 minutes thanking Him for my blessings. It was a miracle! I got up from that prayer with so much joy and happiness..something I hadn't felt in a while! I too am grateful for gratitude!

Karen said...

Well I needed to hear this little message today. I think I'll lay off the chocolate and try a bit more gratitude! lol

Sherrie - is the offer to stay with you over graduation still good? Or do you have family that week? If it's not good; no worries :) Thanks <3