Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Mom is the Young one in the red jacket.
I had a great surprise today. I began to teach my ten o’clock class and my mother and nephew walked in. My nephew from Idaho is looking at BYU as a place to go to college and was here to tour the campus. I knew he was coming to my class, but I didn’t know Mom was coming along. I love surprises, and this was a delightful surprise.

Next month Mom will turn 85 years young. And I mean that literally. Her maiden name is Young and so she always tells us she is forever young. But she is young in more than just name. She will outlive me! She lives alone and keeps the home I grew up in as clean and neat as a hospital room. She does water aerobics, attends institute classes, teaches Relief Society, and works as hard as she did fifty years ago. I did notice, however, that she had trouble staying awake during my class. That, however, is because she can’t stand to sit down. She has to be constantly moving. The best hint I can give you to help you know my mom is two words: Energizer Bunny. 

I hope you all get a delightful surprise today like I did!


Miss Amy said...

what a strong woman and an inspiration!! Thanks for sharing - have fun with your mom! My own mom is visiting us here in AZ from New York. We're happy to get her out of that snow! :)

Laresa said...

That is why we call her "Super Nana". Oh I wish I was there to see her!