Thursday, February 17, 2011

Touchy Feely
Since we can’t jump in the shower every time we want to be Anchored in the present, it is nice to have some other strategies to help us. Yesterday we talked about the “BUT THANKS” game.  For today, I’ll share another way to Anchor in the present; “Touchy Feely”? 

Remember that staying in the present is all about Anchoring all your senses in the present moment so that you are here now because now is the place and time when help is available to strengthen and encourage you. With “Touchy Feely” you carry a small object such as a polished rock around in your pocket and when you feel yourself being pulled into the Pit, you simply put your hand in your pocket and concentrate on the feel of the object. Focus on its smoothness or roughness, its cold or warmth, then concentrate on whatever else you feel, the fabric of the pocket, and from there let your other senses take over. Smell, taste, hear, see, and feel everything else around you.

I have a little metal medallion a friend gave me when I first found out about Grizelda. It is smaller than a quarter, but heart shaped, engraved with an intricate pattern, and has the single word happiness written across it. It works beautifully to Anchor me and help me stay in the present because when I touch it, I also remember what it says.
This sounds like a simple thing, but it is amazing how powerful it can be to help you stay Anchored in the present and chase away vexation, worry, fear, and stress.

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Wendi said...

Rubbing a smooth stone like that used to help me stay focused when I was tracting on my mission. Thanks for the reminder. :)