Friday, February 11, 2011

Curiosity Hasn't Killed This Cat. . .Yet

I have been blessed (or cursed as it sometimes seems) with an incredible curiosity. I always want to know why and what and how and can’t rest until I find answers. That means I’m hardly ever at rest. Some of my daughters have that same curiosity, but D3 coupled that with an acute stubbornness. She is also very bright.

One day we took the girls out to Vernal to see the dinosaur fields and after a fun time learning and exploring started back to our hotel. As we traversed the desolate miles of nothing but sage brush, we suddenly came upon a fire hydrant on the side of the road.  Surprised, I exclaimed, “What is a fire hydrant doing in the middle of no place?”

D3, who was five years old at the time, immediately spoke up, “How can there be a middle if it is no place?” I tried to explain about figures of speech and what it meant, but she was stuck in the literalness of the statement. Frustrated, she kept asking questions and I kept trying to explain. But it was to no avail. Finally she burst into tears and cried, “No place can’t have a middle!”

I agreed and left it at that. But I’ve thought of that experience so many times since then. She now has five children who ask the questions and she answers them a lot better than I ever did, but I’ve learned that curiosity and questioning can be great blessings in life. While it sometimes drives the people we ask our questions to mad, it makes life so much more interesting. I hope I never lose my curiosity.


SuSu said...

Sherrie, someday I hope to meet you. It would seem we have more in common that even I might know. Each time you write, I think.....that is exactly the way I feel. This post is another example! When I was a child...way back when I asked so many questions my mother bought a set of books entitled "How and Why!" So many questions...always looking for the answers. Great post! Love it! Learning never ends!

Anonymous said...

What a cute story!! You're right, our kids, (and grandkids) can drive us crazy trying to find the answers to everything, but what a blessing it is to be here on earth and want to know everything. I think that it probably pleases Heaven Father very much. Look at all the wonderful things you know, and if you weren't so curious, you probably wouldn't be the great teacher you are.