Monday, February 21, 2011

Reach for the Stars

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There is a song in the musical play Mary Poppins that I love. The song is “Anything Can Happen” and the line goes, “Anything can happen if you let it.”  That is a very good way to sum up the consequences of Living in Truth. Anything CAN happen, but too often we don’t let it because we are in the Pit of Illusion.

Throughout my life I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded, but I’ve discovered that if I let discouragement push me into the Pit I only bring on more failure. When I stay in the Realm of Truth despite the failure I discover that there are important lessons I’ve learned from the experience, and I then can move on to new possibilities and experiences. Sure, that has sometimes meant another failure, but I prefer to think of it as another learning experience. I’m growing. I’m learning. I’m living.

The sad thing is when we let failure keep us from trying again. Anything CAN happen if you live in Truth. The Realm of Truth is where miracles occur; where life happens. Much learning takes place in the Realm of Truth and opportunities abound. But when you live in the Pit of Illusion, nothing good happens.


Anonymous said...

So true! I always like the saying that success is the ability to keep trying, not necessarily the results. If you stay in the Realm of Truth it is much easier to keep trying and attain what you want. Accepting failure means not trying anymore and never attaining what your after. I also think we're never too old to keep trying. :-)

Wendi said...

I have gained back almost all the weight I lost four or five years ago. And it has been awfully discouraging. But I have decided that I lost that 35 pounds once, so I can lose it again. Thanks for this reminder. And I love the picture that accompanies this post. :)