Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's My Natal Day!

I was born in a storm and Grandfather used to tell me that what is born in a storm ends in sunshine. (I hope it also means that what is born in freezing cold weather ends in warmth!) Today the world is celebrating my birth with another cold storm. This week the ground reappeared, but today snow once again covers the earth and the sky is the same color as the ground. So I'm having a white celebration.

I usually celebrate all month--string it out all I can. After all, getting to this age has not been easy. Twice I've had life threatening experiences and more than that I've had experiences I wished I wasn't around for. We all have a little of both kinds of experiences in this mortal life. But I survived and am glad I did. The Truth is that as difficult as life is, it is good--very good. Yesterday I began the celebrating with a very dear friend by going out to breakfast. In the afternoon a delivery man brought me flowers from D4 and then Mr. C and I went to the temple. After we got home, we watched the movie Amish Grace and while watching, Mr. C gave me a foot message (my favorite thing!).

Another Truth--it's the simple things that make life so wonderful and we make our Father in Heaven happy when we appreciate them.

Even though you aren't here to celebrate with me, I hope you'll do something simple yet wonderful to celebrate my day. Leave a comment and tell me what you did. That would make me very happy.


SuSu said...

Happy happy day. Today for my birthday (the 3rd) we are going to the restaurant of Iron Chef Morimoto in Napa, CA. It will a grand experience I know.
As a side note, I have just finished reading a couple of books about the Amish. Every interesting.
One more side note, hop over to my blog to see the kind of weather I had for my birthday! Happy Day!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Happiest of birthdays to you! Hope it's a wonderful day!

C.M. said...

I shared desserts with a friend I haven't seen in a year at the Cheesecake Factory!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is Monday so I almost feel like we're celebrating together...

Hope you had an awesome day. :)

Anonymous said...

For your birthday today, I helped my family move my mother to another care center in continuing treatment of her Alzheimer's. On the outside, that doesn't seem like much of a celebration, but in a family way, it is. We know we can not change the outcome of her disease, but we can join together to make sure she is secure,safe and well cared for. In accomplishing the move, by packing her things, we celebrate her life and all the things she has accomplished and cherished. Siblings shared memories, adult grandchildren heard stories they never knew about, and by the end of the day our family has bonded even closer. There were tears, but more smiles, hugs, and commitments to remain close, cherish each other, and honor the family we each are an important part of. As we share important personal days, like a birthday, it is also wonderful to share important days as a family, and be grateful for the gift of our family, and each person in it. On a lighter note, I also think Mr. J's foot massage is an inspired gift, I hope you enjoyed every minute of it and that you truly have have feet today!