Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Having A Heartfelt Day

I’ve been teaching Book of Mormon for eleven years now—this semester begins my 12th year—and I still get excited when I teach the introduction. It still amazes me that of 239 chapters in the Book there are only six that don’t mention Jesus Christ. Today we discussed the title pages, the Introduction, and the testimonies of the witnesses, including Joseph Smith, to the authenticity of the book. An astonishing story! I love the Book of Mormon and am so grateful I have this privilege to teach it.

So what did I learn today? I learned again the importance of repetition. Moroni came FOUR times in a little more than 12 hours to deliver the same message. So I’m reading the Book—again!!! (And I’ll learn something new again!) I learned about the trust Joseph Sr. had in his son Joseph Jr. I learned that Satan will try to stop this work and that adversity comes to everyone even prophets of God. I learned that if I’m not careful like six of the witnesses, I will fall away.

There’s much more, but what I learned wasn’t the only important part of today’s lesson. It’s what I felt. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true and the 150 or so students that I have are children of God. He loves them and wants them to return to Him and I get to help in that process. Oh, how blessed I am! My heart is swelling so much with those marvelous feelings that I'm afraid it's going to burst right out of my chest.

We are all so blessed!

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Anonymous said...

We are so blessed by the Book of Mormon, the Gospel and all that comes with it. I believe your students are very blessed to have you as their teacher, because I know their testimonies grow as they participate in your class. I remember sitting in Book of Mormon classes as a freshman with a wonderful teacher. I remember the intense feelings of conviction and testimony growing so much during that time and it has never left. Teachers like you are diamonds and affect your student's lives forever. I hope you have a wonderful year.
xoxoxo, Cathie