Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Isaiah is Good News!

Today in my Book of Mormon classes we started into the Isaiah chapters (1 Nephi 20 & 21). I always get so excited when we come to Isaiah because his writings are so rich and vibrant. Don’t get me wrong, all scripture is rich and vibrant, but Isaiah does it best which is why I think more prophets quote him than any other Biblical writer. Even Jesus quoted Isaiah more than He quoted any of the other prophets.

Isaiah speaks poetically which keeps me intrigued with the sounds and rhythm of his words. They are like music. He also teaches in what to me seems almost like code, so that every time I read him something new is decoded. This happens because the metaphors he uses take on new depth as my life gives me more experiences to use to decipher the code.

You can’t read Isaiah fast. You have to read him slowly and ponder every phrase until it sinks deep into your heart and from there seeps down into the marrow of your bones. Once in the marrow, the teachings of Isaiah are strength and vim and vigor. In short, Isaiah is amazing!


DeRae said...

I wish I could take your class. I will be finished with my Book of Mormon study in about a month. During my study I learned that we are commanded to study the words of Isaiah. I can't wait to start!


I too would like to be in your class. Thanks for all you share on this inspiring blog.