Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Truth Tool - Affirm

While finishing my undergraduate work, I had the same Spanish professor almost every quarter so I got to know him quite well. He had once been a member of the Church but had decided the Church was not for him. This had come about because of a philosophy professor that had influenced him during his undergraduate education. During one quarter on the final day of class he showed us a movie in Spanish that was about drug lords, and kidnapping, and slavery—almost every bad in the world was represented in the movie. I left and later he asked me about it and I told him my feelings about the movie. He replied, “But that’s reality!”

At that point I felt so sorry for him. That wasn’t my reality—not even close to my reality. Just because something happens someplace in time doesn’t make it “The Reality.” What he didn’t realize is that we all create our own reality. We choose how we will look at things and when we choose to look at everything negatively, everything is negative.

But we can choose to look at things positively and that positive outlook will spill over into other things. So the Truth Tool Affirm works in many ways to help us create a positive reality. Instead of saying, “I’m so stupid” when we make a mistake we say, “I made a mistake. What can I learn from it?” Instead of saying, “The gospel is too hard to live.” We say, “The Savior will help me live the gospel.” Instead of saying, “Don’t eat that donut” when dieting, we say, “Eat healthy.”

In other words, to use the Tool Affirm, we state everything in the positive and we speak to ourselves and set our goals in the affirmative. We also speak to others in the affirmative. A friend who was a lifeguard related to me how she was taught to say to the children, “Please walk” instead of “Don’t run.” The reason for this is that the mind cannot picture “Don’t run,” but it can picture, “Please walk.”

When we use the Truth Tool Affirmed, we create a reality that is positive and empowering. We affirm ourselves with our self-talk, we affirm the situations we encounter, and we affirm other people. But most importantly, we change negative feelings to positive feelings.


Miss Amy said...

Affirmative thinking is SO....for lack of a better word...TRUE! My boyfriend will not say the words "try, but, can't". He attended a seminar once that motivated them to avoid those words by having them perform 1 hour of community service everytime they used an off limits word. Now his vocabulary avoids them out of habit. It's quite empowering, actually...

SuSu said...

Love it. I love positive, that is my reality. Perfectly said. Amen.

Wendi said...

This is something I can definitely continue to work on. Thanks for the reminder! :)