Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Truth Tool - Music

Are you singing?
 If not start to sing and watch what happens inside you. Music is a powerful Truth Tool and works very well to dispel all kinds of vexation. Remember the musical, “The King and I” when Anna teaches the children to whistle a happy tune whenever they feel afraid? That isn’t just a fun song, it is valuable advice, and not just for dispelling fear.

Surrounding ourselves with good music creates an atmosphere that invites the Spirit and is strong preventative medicine that can keep us from plunging into the Pit of Illusion. Good music fortifies us and helps us stay firmly rooted in the Realm of Truth. But Music can also be used as a
Truth Tool when vexation overtakes us and begins to sink us into the Pit. Music is powerful.

We used to have a rule in our house when the children were growing up that you could fight and quarrel all you wanted—as long as you sang it. It was amazing how anger would turn to laughter in seconds when someone sang their angry feeling instead of shouting them. But music doesn’t just work when there are two parties involved in a heated discussion. Next time you encounter a frustrating situation sing your thoughts. Let’s say you hurry out to your car to leave for an appointment and you discover that you have a flat tire. As the negative feelings start to swell within you, sing your thoughts, “What has happened to my car? I don’t have time for this today. There’s no one around to help me fix it. What am I going to do?” Sing right out loud and watch what happens.

The situation doesn’t change. You still have some Necessary Pain to endure. You still have a flat tire. You still will be late. You still have a problem to solve. But you endure it well because you don’t suffer the Unnecessary Pain. Instead of falling into the Pit of Illusion you will stay in the
Realm of Truth where you have the direction of the Spirit to guide you to quickly and efficiently solve the problem.

Necessary Pain happens, but music can keep us firmly grounded in the Realm of Truth where we avoid the Unnecessary Pain and have more help.

So keep singing!


Miss Amy said...

I just want to thank you for your "Anchoring" post the other day. It is the first time I can honestly say I've tried a tool like this. Not only did I try it, but I find myself subconsciously going straight to it when I'm feeling negative. This morning, it was the shampoo in my hair that I concentrated on. Last night, it was the heat from my dress after the hot iron passed over it. All necessary distractions from a made up story I was telling myself would happen in the future.... THANK YOU.

Talena said...

Mom, I just purchased a CD I know you will love, it's Day of Rest by Jericho Road, it has definitely helped me in my truth tools these last couple of days.

Wendi said...

The part about singing about the flat tire made me laugh. Which was the point, right?! :D