Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Going To Be A Good Day

Carpet outside!It looks better outside than in!
Today is going to be a good day! We have been working VERY hard to paint and get the basement ready for new carpet and today the first installment of the carpet is going to be laid. I am excited. This is long overdue! We should have carpeted years ago, but with Grizelda hanging around in my head I’m afraid it was one of the many things that had to wait until I had my health back.

I am very blessed that Mr J is an expert painter. He worked his way through college in the employ of a contractor and he did a lot of painting in those days which prepared him well to paint our houses! He does a better job than the professionals. Much better! He is amazing. (He's also tired!) The walls look so nice—a pale (off-white) yellow with all the wood trim painted white. It looks so crisp and clean. I love it. And the old carpet, a Berber, was not only dirty, but frayed and worn, and unraveling. (I told you we are way, way past due for new!) I can’t wait until tonight when I can run my bare feet over the soft new carpet and enjoy the results of our two weeks of stressful, tiring painting and hard work.

I’m trying to memorize every moment of this enjoyment so that when the bad days come I can replay this in my head and enjoy it all over again. That’s one of the nice things about good days. They are relivable and when I relive it I can forget about the two weeks of hard work and just relive this one day of pure satisfaction!

I hope you have a good day, too!


SuSu said...

I love those satisfaction days after putting in hard work. It is such a feeling of accomplishment. It feels so good.

Talena said...

Did you end up getting the carpet from costco?

Wendi said...

Yeah, home improvements are always tedious and tiring while they're happening. Congratulations on the new paint and carpet! :)

Kristen said...

New carpet is something my home needs desperately too. Please share where you got the carpet from if you got a great deal!