Monday, September 6, 2010

Truth Tools

Saturday we talked about the basics of Living in Truth. That brings us to the Truth Tools.
The Truth Tools are just that—Tools that help us get out of the Pit of Illusion
and into the Realm of Truth.
They are what helps us move into neutral.

We’ve talked about many of the Truth Tools before
so if you click on the words Truth Tools it will take you to past blog entries about the Tools.
 (Or there are several links on the left of this blog that take you to places that discuss the various facets of Living in Truth.)

Sometimes we pick up from those around us a Truth Tool that helps
us to go into neutral in a certain situation, but we find it doesn’t work in other situations.
That is why it is important to have many tools ready to be used.
Just as a carpenter building a house needs more than just a hammer,
you and I need more than one Tool to help us Live in Truth.
 If one tool doesn't work in a situation,
 you try another until you find one that works.

Some of the Truth Tools I’ve identified and use are:

Good Courage

Whenever you feel negative emotions such as
 fear, worry, stress, anger, self-pity, sorrow, or envy pushing you into the Pit of Illusion,
 pick one of the Truth Tools and use it to get rid of the negative emotion.
Once the negative feelings are gone you can move into the positive from there.
 It is a lot easier than trying to go from negative directly to positive.
Once in the Realm of Truth you can experience
 happiness, joy, love, and peace
which are always available when Living in Truth.


SuSu said...

I love those tools. I'm going to print them up and put them everywhere they need to be!

Wendi said...

Thanks for the review. :)