Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Truth About Truth Tools

There is something powerful about the Truth Tools. It is difficult to use them at first. Bad habits are always hard to overcome and you sometimes feel like it is never going to work. But as you persist in attempting to eliminate negative feelings, you discover that when you begin to apply a Tool in times of vexation, you experience “something” helping you.

If crows can use tools, so can you!
If you pay close attention, and don’t add more unnecessary pain to the situation by thinking thoughts like, “This is too hard!” or “This is never going to work!” you can actually feel the “something” empowering and urging you on.
The word sustain fits well here. Sustain means “to buoy up” or “to bear up under.” And that is what happens when you persist in using the Truth Tools. Eventually you actually feel someone sustaining you or bearing you up.

So don’t try the Truth Tools once or twice and give up. For some reason, we need to let the Lord know we are serious about changing and getting rid of negative vexation. When we have thus proved ourselves, the Truth Tools begin to work miracles in our lives to bring us peace, joy, love, and happiness.

And then the next miracle! When you consistently live in Truth others around you begin to change. They can’t push your buttons anymore because that doesn’t work. They don’t “catch” your bad mood because there is no bad mood to catch. They have to react to you differently because the old ways no longer work. They often discover that good moods are as contagious as bad moods.

It is amazing! And it really works if you keep at it until old habits are done away and new habits take over.

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