Saturday, September 18, 2010

Truth Tool - Rewriting

Are you tired of discussing the Truth Tools? Hang on, there are only two more to go. I know your tool belt is getting heavy with tools, but that is good. You never know when you are going to need one or two. Let’s say that today you are on a tight schedule, you are running behind, and need to be someplace but on the way there you encounter road construction and the traffic stops completely. Just reading this you can feel the tension and stress build within you and in the actual situation there may even be anger. Many of the tools we’ve already discussed work in this situation, but today’s tool, Rewriting, works especially well.

First, of all, notice why the vexation is occurring. You are telling yourself a story about how you are going to be late and the dire consequences of being late. Remember you are the author of this story and you control it. Therefore, you can change it.

So begin to tell yourself a different story. Who knows what might have been ahead if you’d not been slowed down. Maybe you are being saved from an accident. Maybe the person you are to meet is late also. Maybe you just need this time to slow down and smell the fragrance dispenser in your car! (Don’t think about the exhaust fumes around you. Thinking about it won’t change the fact that the fumes are there!) Or just thinking, “Wow, I have a few minutes to myself!” can make all the difference in the vexation.

Once you have calmed down, use the time for something productive. Worry and stress are never productive! Plan your next Home Evening. Write a poem. Set some goals. Read your scriptures. (I have a Book of Mormon in my car for such moments as this.) Listen to some good music.

Rewriting works especially well when the vexation is jealousy or grudges you are holding on to from the past. When you begin to think, “She shouldn’t have done that to me” simply change it to “She did that to me, but I can see now that she was hurting herself and probably didn’t know what else to do” or some other possibility that helps you let go of the hurt.

Rewriting can be fun. Add it to your Truth Tool Belt or Box (whichever you prefer to carry around!) and use it often.


SuSu said...

I've been rewriting on the road for years; with an hour plus commute one-way each day it is essential. I love the rewriting tool. I have to say it is favorite, probably because I’ve used it for so long it just comes natural to me.

Wendi said...

I love that picture! That's the sign they should actually put up in construction and slow downs here in Utah. :)