Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Being . . . Thankful

An important part of Living in Truth, something that keeps us grounded in Truth, is gratitude. But usually when we think of being grateful we think of expressing thanks in words.  But the kind of gratitude that keeps us grounded in Truth is more than words—it is a state of being. True gratitude is words and thoughts and actions.

We’ve all seen someone receive a gift with gushing words of thanks, but as soon as the giver turns his back the person throws the gift down, rolls his eyes, or in other ways makes it known the gift isn’t what they wanted.  The words were uttered out of a sense of manners or etiquette but the actions erase the words and express the person’s true emotions.

In the same way we can express thanks to God but then by the way we treat the things and people around us we declare we aren’t all that thankful. Gratitude is more than words it is a way of living. We show gratitude by reverencing, enjoying, caring for, and appreciating the things around us. We think grateful thoughts constantly and in short, we ARE gratitude.

In Colossians 3:15 we are told, “Be ye thankful.” Notice it doesn’t say that we should think or say thankful words. It says we should BE grateful. It is the being that makes the difference in whether gratitude is a fleeting thought or a foundation that roots us firmly in the way of Truth.

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