Saturday, May 28, 2011

A New Truth Tool!

This week I discovered a NEW Truth Tool! It is Curiosity. I discovered it by watching how children deal with negative experiences. Children are naturally resilient and I realized that part of what makes them so resilient is their curiosity about life.

I love this Truth Tool and realize that I have used it on many occasions in my life without recognizing that it is a Truth Tool. Here’s how it works. When vexation starts to swell in you, instead of being sucked into the negative feelings get curious about them. An example will best explain how this works.

Let’s say you suddenly get bad news that your company is laying off 200 workers and you are one of them. Vexation! The negative feelings start to rise in you. “What am I going to do? I’ve got bills to pay!” “This can’t be happening. I’ve been a good employee for twenty years! I’m too old to find a new job.” “This isn’t fair!” “I always knew this company could care less about employees. All that matters to them are dollars.” These thoughts cause negative feelings to knot in the stomach and choke in the chest.

But then you remember the Truth Tools and pull out Curiosity and change the way you are thinking. “I wonder what lesson God wants me to learn from this.” “When God closes a window, He always opens a door. I wonder what door God will open for me now.” “I can’t wait to see what tender mercies will come my way to help me though this.” “I wonder how this is going to make me grow.”

Curiosity may have killed a cat, but it’s saved me.

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