Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Truth Test

One of the most effective ways to get rid of bad feelings (Unnecessary Pain) is to put it to the Truth Test. (Attached below.) You begin by writing out what you are feeling and why. Jealousy, anger, grudges, or any other bad feelings (Unnecessary Pain) can be chased away by writing. This is the purpose of the first step in the Truth Test and why it is important to write it out and not just think it. Tell the story you are harboring in as much detail as possible on paper (use as many pages as you need) and then put it through the questions of the Truth Test.

There is something cathartic about scrutinizing your feelings enough to put them into words and then committing them to paper. That is why the Truth Test is so powerful. Often feelings build in us like lava in a volcano and we don’t realize that we are fueling the fire or even where the fire is coming from. But as we sort through the matter and write it down we find the heat cooling and the steam evaporating. With the new perspective a light comes that helps us see the situation in different ways. I find that I often end up laughing at myself. Without the fire to fuel the lava, the situation looks so benign I wonder where the heat came from in the first place!

Just start to write and then put down on paper everything your heart is telling you and watch what happens. Keep writing until all the steam has escaped. After you are finished put the story through the questions of the Truth Test and feel the Unnecessary Pain seep out of your soul.

It works!

© Sherrie Mills Johnson 2010

I feel _____________________________________________(write the vexation, i.e. sad, angry, jealous, hurt, resentful, offended, worried, fearful, etc.) because __________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
1. What is my expectation? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. Is this expectation the Truth and nothing but the Truth in a telestial world? What is the Truth? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
3. Is this necessary or unnecessary pain? ______________________________________________________________________________
4. How would I feel if I stopped expecting this? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. What is the Spirit telling me to do right now? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Jenny said...

I was having unkind feels towards a friend a while back and Jon had me do something similar. It was amazing how it really did shed light on the "truth" of what I was feeling and I was able to throw all the rest out, instead of letting it fester. It worked!
Thanks for a more detailed truth test!

Kristen said...

Byron Katie has a similar truth test and she calls it "the work" I like your question 5. Personal Revelation is one of the most important things in each of our lives. We can receive it better when we are living in our truth!

Thanks! I think I need to have truth tools for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because right now I am really hurting.