Monday, May 30, 2011

Truth Tool to the Rescue

I’ve been using the Truth Tools a lot this weekend and am here to tell you they really work. Last Friday I had a biopsy done on skin in the corner of my left eye. They are testing for skin cancer. It isn’t a big wound. As a matter of fact it is only two very small stitches, but there is a little bruising so that I have a bit of a black eye. Nothing big, but the problem is I can’t wear any makeup for a week.

Without mascara my eyelashes are absolutely invisible and I look terrible. Without makeup I feel naked and so my natural inclination is to lock myself in the house and wait until the week is up. But I can’t do that. I have responsibilities at Church and classes to teach during the week. So I marched out into the world yesterday. Some people stared. Most didn’t. But instead of being my friendly, outgoing self who smiles and greets others, I found myself retreating inside myself. That’s when I pulled out my Tool Box.

As the feelings started vexing me with thoughts of how ugly I was and that I shouldn’t be in public looking like this, I questioned, “Is that true?” and it brought me back to the truth quickly. I’ve got a small bruise on my eye. No that isn’t ugly. If I encountered something like that in another person, I wouldn’t think anything about it—especially I wouldn’t think they were ugly. I might wonder what happened to them and have a little empathy about how whatever happened might have hurt them, but that’s about all I’d think. So why when it is me, do I think it’s so absolutely horrible?

After all those thoughts I’d be all right for a while until I’d see someone staring at me (usually children who are just curious!) and then I’d grab the Questioning Tool and go to work again. It did work. I conquered the vexation and made it through the day just fine.

Now I just have to make it through a week of standing up in front of classes teaching with no makeup on. But I’ve got a tool Box full of amazing Truth Tools. I’ll make it!

Make your Memorial Day memorable!

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6L's said...

way to go! :) this is SO true! we are so much harder on ourself than what we'd think of others. good job using your tools and thanks again for your wonderful blog you share! :)