Monday, May 2, 2011

Stewards of Good

From our premortal home, you and I were sent to earth to promote all that is God’s. We are His children and like any child we are charged with protecting, promoting, and caring for all that belongs to the parents. This is only common sense. After all, what belongs to the parents will eventually become the child’s inheritance.

So what is God’s? All that is good. As the Genesis account of the creation reports, everything that God created He pronounced as good. And as Moroni tells us, “Every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God” (Moroni  7:13). 

In the gospel we call caring for what is God’s a “stewardship.” The word stewardship is an Old English word that literally means “keeper of the hall” and a steward is someone who maintains, cares for, and protects the hall or in other words the property that belongs to his master.

The exciting thing about this is that there is so much good for you and I to choose to promote. That means we all have the opportunity to choose which good delights us most. There is no way we can promote all good that there is. Instead it is our stewardship to choose any good things that we like or enjoy or delight in and then do all we can to promote and care for and use those things to promote more good.

As we keep a house clean, tend to the needs of God’s children, make music, paint beautiful pictures, bear testimony, plant a garden, lift someone with kind words, smile, care for animals, or do hundreds of other good things we are acting as God’s stewards by promoting good.

So as you go through your day today, take note of the many things you do that create more good, or promote what good already exists and while you are doing it think, “I’m God’s steward. I helping Him create good in the world!”

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