Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Working and Learning Together

I have another story that illustrates Living in Truth, but I'll let you decide how it fits in. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think. It is a folktale from India.

A flock of birds lived happily deep in the forest where there was always enough food and few hunters came. But one day a hunter braved the forest and happened upon a gathering of the birds. Seizing the opportunity he threw a net over the flock, gathered up the net and took his prize catch to market.

The birds who had not gathered that day were devastated by the loss of their friends and mourned deeply. But one wise bird advised them, "It was such an easy catch for the hunter that we must beware. The hunter will return. But do not be dismayed. Next time he throws his net if we work together and beat our wings as one we can escape."

Just as the wise bird said the hunter returned the next week and threw his net over the birds gathered to feed. But this time they beat their wings as one, rose in the air with the net, and swooped down into the trees so that the trees caught the net and the birds flew free from beneath it.

Excited by their cleverness the birds began to boast of their victory over the hunter. But again the wise bird warned, "The hunter will be back. You must be prepared."

Sure enough the hunter returned and again threw his net over the gathered flock. As it did one of the birds yelled out, "Flap your wings!" and another replied, "Who made you the ruler over us!" and still another scolded, "This is no time to fight!" and another, "Stop telling us what to do."

And thus while the birds squabbled, the hunter gathered them up and took them to market. Working together they were strong, but failing to work together they became dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Love this, on so many levels. Thanks!