Saturday, August 27, 2011

Create Your Day

This restful week is coming to an end, but I’ve got lots of beautiful memories now to get me through the busy weeks ahead. I was able to enjoy all of my favorite things—good food, bicycling on the old Union Pacific Rail Trail, walking at least three miles a day in the fresh mountain air, swimming and hot tubing at night, writing, reading, and good food. (Oh, I said that, but it’s worth saying again!) Now life moves on.

Fall semester starts on Monday, and I’ll be teaching five classes. It will be a busy semester, but I’m rested and ready now. And any time life gets hectic I can close my eyes and remember this feeling. I can bring it all back any time I need it. The power to remember is a beautiful gift that we all should use more. Store up the good memories, let go of the bad and then review those good memories any time you want.

Too often we do the opposite. We cling to the bad and forget the good. But when we realize it is a choice that we have power over, we can exercise that power and choose to savor the good. Try it right now. Close your eyes and think of a fantastic moment in your life. Let the good feelings fill you. Savor all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures from that moment. Make it as real as possible and then come back to now. Feels good, doesn’t it! And you can do it any time you want to.

While it’s important to live in the present, every once in a while the present can be enhanced by remembering the good of the past!


Majid Ali said...

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Wendi said...

I just finished re- reading "Harry Potter" 3 and 4. This concept is illustrated when Harry focuses on a happy thought or memory to drive away the negative influence of the dementors. I need to focus on good memories more often. Thanks for this reminder. Good luck with your busy semester! :)