Thursday, August 25, 2011


Last night Mr. J and I took a bike ride (for many miles!) through the wetlands and mountains. Beautiful sights like ducks leading their ducklings in the mossy swamps and white, Wedgewood blue skies with puffs of white clouds, and black and white butterflies flitting from sage brush to sunflower appeared in every direction I turned. By the time my tired, wobbly legs got off the bike I was overwhelmed with the beauty of this world.

Although my legs were worn out (I haven’t been on a bike since before Grizelda), there is something spiritually energizing about being in nature—about getting out of the subdivisions and the asphalt of the city and being surrounded by trees and brooks and wild flowers—even weeds! Occasional retreats into nature help strengthen us to live in Truth and to deal with the problems and challenges life throws at us.

This week has been wonderful. I’m revived and ready to start the new semester.

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Wendi said...

Our family enjoys riding up to Timpanogos park. And although it's not completely away from subdivisions and asphalt, the last half of the ride is through the trees and next to the river. It makes my legs feel wobbly when I'm done too, but it does feel good to be out in nature like that. :)