Friday, August 5, 2011


As I told you yesterday, I’ve been re-reading an author I love, William George Jordan, because of the way he lifts and encourages me. Let me share the first paragraph of his book The Kingship of Self-Control:

“Man has two creators,--his God and himself. His first creator furnishes him the raw material of his life and the laws in conformity with which he can make that life what he will. His second creator, --himself, --has marvelous powers he rarely realizes. It is what a man makes of himself that counts.”

Helping us achieving this second creation is what Living in Truth is all about, and as Jordan explains we have more marvelous powers than we realize to help us accomplish the task. Learning to trust in those powers and to not give up is important. Too often we excuse ourselves by saying, “I can’t do that!” before we’ve even tried. But as we step forward, trying our best, and expecting the best the very powers of heaven come to our aid. Miracles happen. We find ourselves doing and being more than we dreamed possible.

Pay close attention as you move forward in Truth and you will know of the powers that are aiding you.


The Finlinsons said...

I'm now adding that book to a list of books I want to read. Thanks for sharing. That statement really describes my husband (Tyson) and his views on life and how he strives to live. I bet he'd love that book as well.

Wendi said...

It's good to be reminded that we can do more than we sometimes think we can. Thanks. :)