Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a Day!

Yesterday went well, but how can it not go well when you are surrounded by so many wonderful people. I managed to only go over my time by five minutes in the Lewis class (the day before I went over by 10) and stayed on time in the Living in Truth class. If you have ever heard me talk you know that is my biggest pitfall. I can't seem to stay within the time limit. I get so excited and my mouth just keeps on going!

Again, I met so many fantastic people including a man who was in our home when he was a missionary in Germany and we lived there. That was over 40 years ago! I can't believe he recognized me!

I love when people in my classes get excited about what I am teaching and want to share their own discoveries with me. I love when those who are simply touched by what they've learned want to hug me. (I love hugs!) And I love when some are so touched they want to give me something in return for what they think I've given them--a little note, or once a woman actually took off her bracelet and insisted I take it. But it isn't the gifts or the hugs or stories that actually bring the joy. I know what they are feeling isn't really me. But what touches me is knowing that their gestures of kindness indicate that the Spirit has been present and has touched them. That's what brings me the greatest joy. It makes all the time invested in preparation worth it.

Today I'll be teaching about Necessary and Unnecessary Pain in the Truth class and in the Lewis class discussing his non-fiction books. Say a little prayer for me.

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