Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Grace

I have to thank Janet for her comment yesterday on grace. She suggested a talk by Brad Wilcox on grace that I hadn’t read. It was given at BYU just a few weeks ago while I was in Palmyra and so I missed it. I read it and just as she said, it is fantastic. I love his analogy of grace being like piano practice!

So today I am urging all of you to click on this link and read this talk. 

Grace is enabling power and we all need to understand it and use it!


Anonymous said...

Sherrie that link is not working...maybe try posting it again?
thanks :)

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Jen, I went in and re-did the link. I hope it is working now. (Someone let me know!)
Just in case it isn't, here it is:

Mike and Julie said...

Thanks for this post - very timely for me. The link worked great!

Wendi said...

I like that quote. And I'm looking forward to reading this talk. :)

Wendi said...

That was one of the best talks I've ever read! Thanks for sharing the link. :)

Regina said...

I just have to say that listening to it is all the more precious and powerful! It's easy to find by googling Brad Wilcox. This talk is so popular it comes up as the very first link. You can also go to and search for his talk either by title or by his name. The title is: His grace is sufficient. You can also go to find it. It will be one of the very best 40 minutes you've ever spent!