Monday, November 14, 2011

Glad Tidings

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This morning I was reading this:
 “And thou shalt declare glad tidings,
yea, publish it upon the mountains,
and upon every high place,
 and among every people
that thou shalt be permitted to see”
(D&C 19:29).

That was an invitation I cannot resist. So, I’m going to declare glad tidings all day long.
Glad tidings are good news.
Glad tidings are the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Glad tidings are hope and love and all those things are possible because of Jesus Christ.
I’m glad for those tidings.
My heart is singing. I don’t have a musical voice, but my heart is bursting with song.
My heart sings loud and true and clear and right now it is singing glad tidings of great joy.

The world is in chaos, but I have a Savior who will put things right.
 That is the best of good tidings.
I made mistakes and encounter fear and sorrow, but He will succor me through the dark days.
That is the wonder of the good tidings.
Every note of my heart-song is full of rejoicing.
I hope you can hear it, because angels carry the songs of rejoicing to whoever is listening.
Are you listening?

Glad tidings are in the air.